6 Mostly Preferred Options In Cladding

6 Mostly Preferred Options In Cladding


The cladding is basically outer layer material covering on other. Mostly interior or Exterior Designer recommend for cladding to have the unique look of your place. There can be different options in cladding for you as below and you can choose depending on your requirements and personal choices.

Stone Cladding

It is Eco-friendly cladding that can be used both in the interiors. In this kind of wall cladding, you can have options like granite, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone etc. it is a durable option depending on the thickness of the stone.

Wood Cladding

Interior Designer usually recommends this type of cladding for both interior or exterior of the building to give an aesthetically pleasing look to the building. It is a lightweight and durable option that having resistance to decay but not having fire resistance.

Brick Cladding

This type of cladding is done to give rustic feeling to the building from the interior or exterior. As bricks absorb the water in the rains so for this type of cladding special attention has been given to the sealing the joints so that entrance of rainwater can be prevented.

Tile Cladding

Tile cladding is basically chosen for bathrooms, kitchens or for the exterior of the building. For tile cladding, there can be different options including glass tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles or ceramic tiles.

Metal Cladding

This type of cladding is usually seen in commercial buildings and factories. For this cladding lightweight ACP or aluminum composite panels are used to give a professional and hi-tech look to the building. It is a durable option for cladding.

Concrete Cladding

The concrete cladding is also a popular form of cladding for this glass fiber reinforced concrete is used as a cladding material to give the best look to the building. It is easy to maintain and install so is very popular among the people for decorative purposes and even there is no need of painting or plastering and can be fixed directly over the brickwork so is preferred mostly.


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