8 Tips To A Wonderful Home

8 Tips To A Wonderful Home


Each one of us wants a nice, comfortable, beautiful looking home.The house is our comfort zone and it needs to appeal to our aesthetic senses. An artistically done up house provides peace of mind and soothing calmness to its owner and of course the people who drop in. We offer you the Best Interior Designer tips so that you always get a thumbs up on the way your house looks and feels.

1. Opt For The Light, Soft Look

If you want to lend the home a spacious look, it depends on which colors you choose for the interiors. Large windows, walls of light color and use of mirrors here and there will make the rooms appear larger than they actually are. Natural light also plays an important role in the appearance of a bigger size. Darker colors and absence of natural light will make the room appear smaller

2. Use Reflection To Your Advantage

Mirrors can be placed strategically to reflect the light in such a way that the room appears to be spacious. Decorative mirrors with intricate frames also offer a soothing effect and cast a magical spell on the interiors.

3. Mix and Match

Whoever said that fusion is only for apparel fashion. You can place a heterogeneous mix of old and new, expensive and inexpensive things for decoration purpose. So go on, don’t hesitate to place your grandfather’s favorite table along with the new designer sofa. It will really enhance the look of your living room. Experiment with fabrics,colors, and textures.

4. Slip On The Covers

Slip on the covers to protect the furniture. The covers are effective in keeping the dust and stains away. They may be changed according to the season to give a favorable look. They are an ideal solution for keeping the couches away from stains and spillage, more so if there are kids in the house. They are a good way to lend the sofa a comfortable, casual look.

5. Basket Your Paraphernalia

Wicker baskets are a good and inexpensive idea to store those extras which lie strewn all over-magazines, toys, books,blankets, and towels. Your rooms will look neat and organized.They can also be used to display your colorful fruits and vegetables on the kitchen countertop. The kitchen will come alive with the bright, colorful natural elements.

6. Use Your Creativity To Decorate The House

Don’t spend those extra bucks to beautify the house. You might be missing out on the perfect fixtures which may be languishing in the boxes you packed years ago. Search and reuse them to give your home a brand new look. Wooden trays, metal or silver artifacts,coffee tables, acrylic items can be placed at strategic points to give the perfect look.Antique plates can be hung on the wall. Pictures from kids books can be framed to decorate the kid’s rooms and bathrooms.

7. Put A Pot Holder To Good Use

Hang a pot holder in the kitchen. It will add to the looks as well as utility quotient. One can hang the pots which one requires regularly. It is easy for the homeowner to access the pots and frees up space in the cupboards.

8. Have Our Green Friends Around

It’s time to go green and perk up the house with plants.Plants add appeal to your home without being heavy on the pocket. They also purify the internal air and provide the perfect humidity balance. They look smashing amidst the walls.

Follow the tips and see your house transform into a picture-perfect retreat.

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