Easy Steps to Plan Your Kitchen

Easy Steps to Plan Your Kitchen


Renovating an old kitchen or designing for a new place, the process can seem daunting. You need to consider various things which can be quite overwhelming. You might be confused from where you need to start. In that case, read the given topic properly to plan the kitchen in the right way.

You like the well-organized and sleek look of a modular kitchen. But, right now you do not have it. Well, don’t think about it too much, just go for it! Modular kitchens are trendy along with that working in them gives more pleasure. To design them, proper design should be made as utilization of space should be done needs attention. The process will be easier by breaking the planning process into manageable steps. Giving each step enough time and consideration it needs will plan your kitchen easily.

Step 1

Determine the shape or layout of kitchen

The most important step in the modular kitchen is to design the layout. In this step, you need to decide the storage area, major appliances, and countertop. There are layouts fundamentals which  need to be kept in mind:

  • Straight
  • Parallel Shape
  • L Shape
  • U shape
  • Full Rectangular shape with opening for Door

Step 2

Choosing the module

While designing the focus should be given to the modules and kitchen cabinets. They will include pullouts, shelves, drawers, etc. All of them have their benefits and uses. Our experts will help you choose the right option for your place. According to your budget constraint, they will let you decide what you need to go for.

Step 3

Selecting the right material 

The most important step which should be given importance is selecting the material and its quality.

Quality: Choosing the best material means they will last for 15 years. So, make sure the material you choose for the interior designer is properly tested against different scenarios.

Looks: The look of the kitchen will tell a lot about your lifestyle. You can get the modern, contemporary and classic look. Different types of finishes are available like Laminates, Veneer, Foil , PU Paint, Glass, Acrylic, and Polymers. As per your budget you can choose the base material and base finish.

Step 4

Decision about counter top

Once the selection of layout, module, and finish is done, then you need to decide which countertop you need for the kitchen. There are different choices available like artificial stone, solid surface, and granite. With solid surface their is seamless joint but stain problem can be their. Granite is a great investment. Shine enterprises will fulfill all your needs and gives you the best solution.

Step 5

Selecting the right appliances

Once everything is fixed choose the microwave, chimney, hob, etc. You should choose the double bowl and whether you need drain board or not.

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