How To Renovate Your Place With The Minimum Resources?

How To Renovate Your Place With The Minimum Resources?


Have you recently shifted to a new place or are you staying in your old premises but need a little makeover of your place, you can try little tips and tricks which can be easily done without the help of an Interior designer and they take the least effort and are not too heavy on your pocket, as well ! Excited to know more, then continue reading below.

1. Your unused mirrors can be put to use

Mirrors can be easily used for making small places looking big or large. In case you already have large rooms, or your room does not have enough space for natural light, then mirrors can be put to use because mirrors if put up over windows add light. Mirrors help in enhancing light along with aspect to your space.

2. Change the paint of your living space, choosing the colour which suits you best.

A small room mostly looks cramped, but if it has large windows, walls of light colour, and enough mirrors, then all this will besides reflecting natural light from doors and windows also give an illusion of large space. On the other hand dark colours, make a space look very small. Even if natural light keeps coming in.

3. Don’t buy anything new.

Every one of us has millions of things, picked in trunks or boxes, which we rarely take out, leave alone us them. Hence it becomes important that we put our creative minds to skill and make something out of the old and discarded stuff. All your trays, items of wood, metal and all other fabric can be put up on trunks, tea carts, coffee tables and wherever you like them to be placed. Decorate your candles, and keep them, all your old frames, which you have just dumped, let them all, lout. Hang all your plates, and make your walls look beautiful.

4. Get into your comfort zone.

Slipcovers are treated badly, but they are actually very pretty. They work wonders in changing your furniture’s appearance. They are easy to be removed, they give a very elegant feel to your space. They are great for children’s room.

5. Bassinets

Bassinets or wicker baskets are very cheap and they look very presentable. Great way to add storage capacity to any room . Display books or magazines, toys, blankets anything and everything can be kept in Baskets. Even fruits and vegetables can be stored in kitchen in wicker baskets.

Tell me, isn’t your home looking breathtaking, with just a few simple tricks , will any interior or exterior designer be able to tell you these things?

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