Learn More about Thermo Wood Cladding

Learn More about Thermo Wood Cladding


Some Frequently Asked Questions About Thermo wood Cladding:-

Are you confused about selecting the different options for firewood outer covering, better known as timber external cladding? Do you wish to know more about thermal cladding? Well! Then you surely have landed yourself in the right place. Read till the end to get to know more about thermal cladding:

What Goes Into Making Thermo Wood?

Thermowood cladding mostly come from North Germanic softwood timber that has been heated. While manufacturing Thermo wood, it is put under a lot of pressure and heat, along with nitrogen and water vapor for controlling the drying process. The treatment is observed and takes around 5- 6 days to finish. The temperatures of the timber are between 200- 230 degree Celsius.

While wood is out to heat, it dries out deep inside the core and any kind of moisture and any pitch is taken out from the timber. With low moisture, the high resistance to weather also comes along, which means that thermally treated wood can be easily used for outdoor things.

What is the time till which it can last?

Thermo wood lasts for many years, and it does not need any surface treatment to be done on it. Many people like to complete their thermo clad cladding along with a stain, but if it is left, the wood transforms into a silver grey color, somewhat like cedar.

How environmentally friendly is it?

It is very environmentally friendly since thermo wood is handled with heat and water vapor, as opposes to chemicals,

How costly is thermo wood?

Thermo wood is very cheap than other hardwoods, which makes it very affordable for many people. Since the treatment is chemical free, it is very cheap to produce.

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