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As a leading Thermowood Manufacturers Ludhiana, we manufacture the beautiful, sustainable wood material called Thermowood by using the natural methods, heat, and stream. The heat treatment that has been given to timer to convert it in Thermowood gives the improved durability and stability of the boards so that it can become the ideal solution for outdoor use. Thus thermal modification process improves the quality of timber boards and expands its range of applications but it is ensured the Thermowood free from resin and chemicals.

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We are known as the topmost Thermowood Distributor in Punjab due to the best quality of Thermowood free from decay and having resistance for extreme weather conditions. Thermowood is the nontoxic natural product that is easy to maintain and install so considered as best fit for outdoor use.

Thermowood special features

  • As we are the pioneered Thermowood supplier in Ludhiana so we ensure the supply of best quality Thermowood that does not react to any change in temperature, humidity and in climate.
  • Thermowood has the dimensional stability as its lowered equilibrium moisture content makes it stable and helps to retain its shape.
  • It is completely natural and nontoxic products free from the use of any chemicals during manufacturing or production.
  • Thermowood has the weather resistance as it can stand for years even in the changing weather conditions
  • During the thermal modification, process resin has been removed from the timber so Thermowood does not secrete any resin even in the high degree of temperature.