What are the different types of planters and what are its advantages?

What are the different types of planters and what are its advantages?



If you like growing plants around your area, then you might have a collection of planters. In case, you have just started doing it, then make sure to take into consideration different points while looking for the garden pots. The size and appearance of the garden pot is an important aspect so that the plant growth is proper and ensures there is no water drainage. While looking for premium quality Flower Pots in Punjab you need to ensure that you visit the best place.

In this guide, we are going to tell you in detail the different types of planters:

  • Clay pots

Clay material is porous so it makes it easier for the air to pass through the pot walls. Due to this feature, the moisture passes easily through the wall and soil gets dry quickly which is not with the plastic material. It is like a benefit if you water the plants in excess but you need to keep adding water frequently so that the soil does not get dry easily.

Clay pots walls are thick which prevents the fluctuations which can occur in soil temperature. Additionally, it can also retain the heat for a longer interval as compared to other options. It can work in your favor or against you depending on what type of plant you are using.

These are of heavy material so it is difficult for them to knock over. In case you knock them by mistake then they can have cracks or chips. Moving them from one to place another is easier as compared to concrete.

  • Metal Pots

Metal pots are a durable choice, and you can get them in different options which range from metal from aluminum & galvanized steel to cast iron. Moreover, they won’t get cracked easily. If you buy cheap metal then it will rust easily which can affect the presence of plants.

Also, sun exposure will heat the soil which can damage the plant roots to a great extent. Some metals have a toxic presence which makes them dangerous for plants. However, concrete is heavy and it takes time to move. One of the additional choices is hypertufa which is made from peat moss, perlite, and portland cement. The option of metal pots works best when external plants need to be decorated.

  • Plastic pots

Looking for something cheaper and with a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, then plastic makes the best choice. Moving them from one place to another is easy. In case, you need additional drainage then you can drill holes in them. You can keep them at a place where the chances of getting it knocked over are less. Make sure when you look for the plastic pots check the warning labels carefully.

  • Wood planters

Another choice is wood planters which work well with outdoor furniture and fixtures. Moreover, they even prevent the soil from heating up in excess.

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